Larkin About by the Sea

I held an impromptu photo session down by the beach last weekend. Only impromptu in that my friends didn’t really realise what was going on properly until it was too late. This is a warning to other ‘friends’ of mine. It’s been a while since I had the camera in hand and I had been missing it. It was a bright but cloudy day which actually helped the photos in the end I think. 20120916-Hythe-5401 This particular couple weren’t convinced about having their photo taken initially but I think they did really well and it was a very natural set of photos that we produced. 20120916-Hythe-5411 Ok, so you could argue that they weren’t really dressed for the occasion but I don’t think most people will be worried. 20120916-Hythe-5378 I think they seemed very comfortable in the end . . . will they come back for more though . . .  ? 20120916-Hythe-5413-2 It was nice to be out of a studio type situation for a change and I welcome the opportunity to do some more ‘on location’ photography. Where’s my friends contact list . . . . ?

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