Larkin about in the Park

This could become a bit of a blogging mini series! Sounds like the Famous Five titles or something to me. So the Larkin’s were tempted back in front of the lens. This time to the local park for a late autumnal afternoon shoot. 20121007-CherylandMike-5667 20121007-CherylandMike-5574 To talk to this couple, they would tell you that they still feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. I don’t think that comes across in the photos though, do you? 20121007-CherylandMike-5605 20121007-CherylandMike-5556 20121007-CherylandMike-5645 It only took an hour or two to take the photos and we had quite a fun afternoon. This could well be the last appearance of the Larkin’s but I do hope not! What could they be persuaded to take in next? Larkin about in the snow? Larkin about in the rain? It is the UK winter season after all . . .

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