Littlebone Forever

I had a great evening recently with Julia from Littlebone Forever. She needed some new headshots for her website and social media. We had a very pleasant evening, having a laugh and shooting off some photos in between. 20140307-JuliaSmallbone-191 Littlebone Forever sell quality natural aloe vera products for skin care, health drinks and nutrition. Three things which are all sadly alien to me !! 20140307-JuliaSmallbone-156 I hope you’ll start to see some of these photos appearing online soon. Check out Julia’s website at :  20140307-JuliaSmallbone-112 Julia said: “Thanks for the great portrait photos Shooterz! I normally don’t like having my photo taken but you made the whole process a lot of fun and I’m really pleased with the photos.” 20140307-JuliaSmallbone-033 20140307-JuliaSmallbone-245 20140307-JuliaSmallbone-275 20140307-JuliaSmallbone-117 If you want headshots then contact me:

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