Save the date!

Last year, good friends of mine came to me with a special request. They were going to get married and asked me to take a photo for the cards that were going to announce the date of the wedding to their friends.
So off we trotted to a local ford to get photo’s which were to include the third love in this marriage – the Land Rover !
Eynsford Ford is a lovely spot – and we had a nice afternoon to grab our photos.
Anyway . . . this wasn’t a landscape shoot . . . to business:
And we couldn’t come all this way without making a little splash before heading home.
I have waited until today to publish this blog post  as today is the actual wedding day (as you can see from the photos!). I was originally under a strict ban not to make this date known before they were ready but I think I am safe to publish now. Best wishes to these friends of mine!

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