In my continuing saga of photography related social networking sites that I have accounts for, this post is about 500px.
500px is, in relative terms,  a fairly recent newcomer to the photography social networking scene. It was a bit of a game changer though. They had a very different (at least it was at the time – since copied by many) look to their site. Photos were the main attraction and displayed front and centre on the site. Large and proud with large thumbnails for browsing images as well. Its still a slick design which I think works really well. The site does seem to have its origins in Eastern Europe and many of the photographers and comments aren’t in English. This isn’t a big problem, the quality of the photos is amazing!
Photo of my friend taken at St Michaels Mount in Cornwall:
When it became a popular site it was compared against Flickr and it was said that 500px was the site for the best quality work where Flickr tends to be full of peoples snaps. You do feel that you can only put your ‘VERY’ best work up here or you just wont fit in!
This is another site which I haven’t added many photos to myself.
Photo of the National Trust property – Scotney Castle:
20111013-ScotneyCastle-023 (Medium)
I was going to stick to non-portrait / people type photos on here to try and differentiate between what I do on all these sites but lets face it – I take photos of people mainly! This post has a couple of examples of photos that I have uploaded to 500px.
Photo of my friend taken in the local park:
20121007-CherylandMike-5753 (Medium)

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