Have I saved the best ‘until last in this series of mine about photography related social networking sites? Facebook hosts too many photos to number, so although it’s main purpose in life might not be about photos (originally at least) it still counts in my opinion. Facebook is so accessible, its easy for anyone to upload photos, not just the pro’s. 2013_01_18 Nevs 30th-001 This does mean that the quality of photos found on Facebook is VERY variable ! Many photos are snaps taken on mobile phones on drunken nights out. So, is this the place to try and push your wares as a ‘proper’ photographer? I think it is – only because it’s the platform which gets the most attention from the most people it seems. You might get a more focused audience on a site like Flickr but EVERYONE (except my mum) seems to have a Facebook account these days. Therefore it follows that this is the place where people ask their friends for recommendations etc. It’s easy to be recommended if you have a Facebook page of your own images to tempt the audience with. 2011_10_26 Electric Forest-001 How do I use Facebook for photo sharing? I tend to post photo’s here that are taken at social events that I attend, rather than photos I take at paid jobs like weddings and portraits. I hope to drive people to my website and blog from Facebook really for the more formal photos. Having read my previous paragraph, I think I need a wedding’s album though to show some of that work as well ! 2010_05_01 Cinque Port Morris-001 The aim of posting photos from the social events is to increase the number of followers and ‘likes’, thereby improving the look of my statistics. You’ll find albums from Scouting events and similar that I go to where there are ‘bunches’ of people in attendance. 2010_10_23 Lancs Scouts Pulse-001-2 The photos in this post are samples from the Shooterz Facebook page.

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