This is the third in my set of posts about the photography social networking sites that I have accounts with.
Flickr is probably the oldest and most commonly heard of photo sharing site around. It has been going for years now. You might say that it is the original and some would say still the best photo sharing site out there. This other blog post (I’m sure there are others to compare with) lists the top 5 photo sharing sites for gaining market influence. It lists Flickr as its first site. (If you don’t want to read the whole blog, it also lists; Pinterest, Facebook, Twitpic and Picasa. (I have accounts with all except for Twitpic.)
Photo of my friend in Sheffield Park:
20111018-Alys @ Sheffield Park-206
I keep dilly dallying around with Flickr (yes they ARE real words!!) My account keeps dipping in and out of being a paid ‘Pro’ account. I cant decide what to do with this account. Its unlimited storage was an initial appeal and I was going to keep all my photos ‘backed up’ on Flickr but the uploads were too onerous at that time and I gave up. My current plan is to give Flickr another go as a sort of on going portfolio showing my favourite photos over the years. Hopefully by the time that you read this blog, I will have spent some time sorting that all out and may have paid to make my account ‘Pro’ again. I do like the extra organisational features of the Pro account.
Photo of my friend taken in the home ‘studio’:
BrookFamily (370 of 290)
Flickr is one of those sites that can give you a lot of traction I think, but you do have to spend some time interacting with the site. You need to join groups, comment on photos and such like to draw people back to your own photos.
Photo of the backstage preparations for the Maidstone Gang Show:
2011_04_13 GangShow-093 (Medium)

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