This is going to be the first in a set of posts where I tell you about the different photograph related social networking sites that I have accounts with. The first post is about Pixoto.
Pixoto is one of those photography based social networking type sites that I have an account with. I upload some photos from time to time. I tend to stick with portraits and wedding photos. There’s no reason for this, it just seems to have turned out that way . . .
Pixoto is an interesting idea. Visitors to the site vote on image duels, where two photos are displayed side by side and you choose the photo that you like the most. Points are then accumulated and the photographers can gain points and hopefully awards for the photos that they submit.
The photos are displayed randomly based on the categorisation that the photographer has chosen for their photo so you should always be voting on photos with similar content.
Luckily, at this point, I can say that I am an award winning photographer on pixoto!
Here is my award winning photo from Andrea and Nic’s wedding:
2011_06_10 Andrea & Nick Wedding-065
You can look on my site on Pixoto and see which images have been going down well with the voters. My problem with all these sorts of sites is that I forget to go back and upload new images from time to time. This year I will try and be more organised!

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