. . . and the Davies Clan

This should almost be called a part 2 blog post really. The Davies and the Chilcotts are two halves of the same clan! I photographed them together for their Christmas presents to their relatives: Here are the Davies family: The grandchildren all posed together quite nicely (most of the time . . .) Getting the […]

The Chilcott Clan!

Long time friends, the Chilcott’s wanted some family shots for the grannies and grandads for Christmas so we dusted off the backcloths and recharged the batteries for the flash . . . . Got to be honest – sometimes it was like trying to herd cats !! but we had fun and the photos were […]


I had a headshot job this week and after we had got the basics under the belt the idea of colour backgrounds came up. I had these gels for my flash lights which I hadn’t used much before and so we had a flutter and got some great photos. After the job was done, I […]

Claire & James Photo Session

We had another successful photo shoot last weekend with Claire and her son James. The photos came out well. What I am after now though is some opportunities for portraits outside as the weather seems to be improving. If you are interested in any portrait photos then please get in touch. Here’s a couple of […]

Brook Family Portraits

Last weekend I had a really great afternoon session with the Brook family. We found the necessary space and set up the portable studio. The young’un behaved superbly and was a star performer! Mum and Dad did OK as well but lets be honest, who wants to see pictures of them when there is a […]

Be Inspired

I went on a really good photography workshop day today run by GF Smith which was very much a day of doubles; 2 x presenters, 2 x shoots and 2 x models. The two presenters worked well together and offered contrasting styles of shooting. They were: Kevin Wilson: A well known and decorated wedding photographer […]

Sarah’s Good Cause

Sarah came to me with a good cause. Her Nan has been in hospital and she wanted to give something back. Sarah is a singing coach and so she decided to record a CD to raise some money for the Stroke Unit at Maidstone Hospital. The problem . . she needed some photos for the […]

Alys (not the camel)

I had a busy weekend of portraits recently and here’s some highlights from the shoot with Alys. Alys is a good friend of mine and knows how to play up to the camera. We always have a laugh when we get together with the camera. I think that shows in the pictures. I hope you […]