Andrea and Nick’s Wedding

I shot the photos for a great wedding the other week at a stunning venue for a really lovely couple. The wedding took place at Sundridge Park Manor, Bromley. 20110610-Andrea&NicWedding-1241 The weather looked like it really wasn’t going to work with us! The forecast was for showers and they seemed to be getting worse instead of better as the day progressed. As the groom arrived in the Aston Martin DBS it was still raining. 20110610-Andrea&NicWedding-145 This venue has so many great backdrops for photo’s, we were spoilt for choice. We had a few photo’s with the boys before the ceremony around the place . . . and it stopped raining! 20110610-Andrea&NicWedding-249 20110610-Andrea&NicWedding-269 How come I’ve got this far into the post without mentioning the bride . . . . ? She looked amazing of course and I love this photo of her wedding dress and the dress of her little daughter. 20110610-Andrea&NicWedding-036 20110610-Andrea&NicWedding-312 It turned out that the weather gods were looking down on us after all. It seemed to stop raining every time that we wanted to venture outside to take photo’s. We were so lucky. 20110610-Andrea&NicWedding-504 20110610-Andrea&NicWedding-1049 Later in the evening we headed back inside and got some photo’s around the grand staircase. This location must be one of the signature portrait spots for Sundridge Park Manor. As soon as you see it you know you need to get some photos here. I think we managed to do it justice. 20110610-Andrea&NicWedding-1206 20110610-Andrea&NicWedding-1210 We all had a fantastic day and everything went really well. It was a very relaxed day and Andrea and Nick were both very easy to work with. They were surrounded by their close friends and family and it was truly a special day.

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