Charlotte & Owain Wedding Reception

Wow ! What a venue ! The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich was quite a spectacular place. A brilliant venue for Charlotte and Owain’s wedding. I went along to photograph the DJ, my mate Nev from Mikasa Events. He made me an offer I can’t refuse, “Hey come and help carry my stuff . . . oh and bring your camera, its a cool venue”. How could I refuse ! 20130622-RoyalNavalCollege-009 20130622-RoyalNavalCollege-002 We had a truly great evening. DJ Nev had them dancing all night. They danced from about 8:30 all the way through until 1am !! Yep – that’s a proper late night out ! 20130622-RoyalNavalCollege-158 Check out those pillars and the vaulted ceiling. This was a good size venue. It was nice that everything was contained in the same room as well so everyone stuck together in the evening. 20130623-RoyalNavalCollege-36720130622-RoyalNavalCollege-202 Here’s the great man himself; DJ Nev taking on an uncommon sombre pose: 20130622-RoyalNavalCollege-165 All great things come to an end though and 1am seemed to come racing round really quickly. I think Nev played about 80 tunes through the evening. How do DJ’s know what to play next? Do you think they ever get to a moment and don’t know what to play? Here’s the bride and groom with Nev at the end of the evening after the lights had gone back up: 20130623-RoyalNavalCollege-384 Thanks for a great night out Nev! Let me know when you need a hand again . . .

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