Claire and Simon’s Wedding

We had a great day with Claire and Simon at Mount Ephraim Gardens on their wedding day. We had a lovely morning with the ladies getting ready and the day was getting off to a great start. 20121027-ClaireSimonWedding-594720121027-ClaireSimonWedding-7075 Everyone was really friendly and welcoming to us and we seemed to manage to avoid any of the rain showers. We went over and met ‘the boys’ and got some photos of them before everything really got started. 20121027-ClaireSimonWedding-6287 20121027-ClaireSimonWedding-6334 Claire looked radiant and wore a smile all day.20121027-ClaireSimonWedding-6654The outside was braved very briefly for some confetti and some quick group shots but it was REALLY cold and people headed back inside pretty quickly. 20121027-ClaireSimonWedding-6781Mount Ephraim Gardens does have some lovely grounds (as you might expect from the name).  We did manage to sneak out to the gardens with Claire and Simon for some quick photos before dinner. It would have been a real shame not to get out to capture some of the wonderful scenery that this venue offers. 20121027-ClaireSimonWedding-7160

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