DJ Nev @ Chilston Park Hotel

DJ Nev of Mikasa Events infamy played his last wedding of the year at Chilston Park Hotel on Wed 21st December. Nev had asked for some more photos of him DJ’ing at a wedding to put on his new website (go check it out – it looks pretty cool.) The wedding was for an old friend of Nev’s and was therefore more than happy for him to bring along a photographer for the evening. 20111221-NevDJ-20520111221-NevDJ-176 Nev does like to get involved in his ‘work’ and clearly enjoys what he does (thankfully for him – he doesn’t do Karaoke – I’m sure he wouldn’t have quite the same demand! Smile ) 20111221-NevDJ-197 It was a wedding so it seems silly not to include a couple of photos of the bride and the dancing . . . . 20111221-NevDJ-016 20111221-NevDJ-17020111221-NevDJ-026 Nev’s lights were also really effective on the low ceiling of the Orangery. 20111221-NevDJ-251 This was also my last job of the year so thanks to everyone that I’ve worked with this year and Merry Christmas to you all.

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