John and Ella’s April Wedding

John and Ella got married on Saturday 16th April at Winters Barns near Canterbury. It was the first time that I had shot a wedding at this venue. Its a lovely spot and has a really nice layout. There are some nice spots for the photos and the whole venue has a nice Kentish charm about it. Another first for this day was that is was also the bride’s birthday. It would of course be indiscrete of me to reveal which birthday!


Both the bride and the groom were getting prepared onsite so there was some careful planning to make sure that they didn’t run into each other before the main event. Winters Barns has the space to cater for this eventuality though. The groom’s party got ready in the onsite cottage and the brides party got ready in the bespoke bridal party preparation suite. I bet this is a great attraction for potential brides, a dedicated space with plenty of room for all the hair and makeup shenanigans!



The weather wasn’t entirely kind to us but we headed out during a break between the light showers to get the group shots fired off. It was a fairly chilly day so no-one stayed outside for very long. Its just as well that the venue is as welcoming on the inside.


Check out this amazing cake!


Whilst the register was being signed, the ‘kids’ of the family played and sung a tune . . .


John is a real rock music fan so the table plan was as original as I have ever seen. The top table were sat at the Iron Maiden table, whilst guests were sat at AC/DC, Def Leppard and Motley Crue to name a few. John has also kept his outfit for the day a secret from everyone. You can see from the photos that it wasn’t on hire from Moss Bros and will be something that people will remember from the day.

John and Ella were a fantastic couple and we all had a great day




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