Mark and Gemma’s Wedding

I blogged a little while back about a ‘Save the Date’ photo shoot for my friends Mark and Gemma (Read about it here.) They had their wedding and I wasn’t the photographer on this occasion so

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deliberately left my ‘big’ camera at home. I just carried my Canon G9 point and shoot with me.20130126-MarkGemmaWedding-9310 I will give a plug here for the real photographer of the day David Burke. I really rate his work! That may seem weird on another photographers blog but there you go – that’s me – credit where it’s due! This post isn’t really about the wedding itself and a gallery of wedding images – that’s not really my place, not being the official photographer and all that. What I did want to talk about was the wedding cake though . . . This was REALLY cool! Mark has a bit of  a Lego fetish and a further friend of ours made the top layer of their wedding cake for them on a Lego theme. 20130126-MarkGemmaWedding-9327 What’s so cool about that I hear you say – just some globules on top of a square cake with some Lego figures . . . 20130126-MarkGemmaWedding-9350 Well, the fun bit went on round the back of the cake. I bet there are a number of guests that didn’t even notice this going on at all . . . 20130126-MarkGemmaWedding-9351 The Lego guys were still finishing the back of the cake. Now THAT is cool! 20130126-MarkGemmaWedding-9353

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