Rob and Zoe’s Wedding


Back in May 2015 Zoe and Rob got married at a lovely venue south of Ashford called St Augustine’s Priory. I have known Zoe for many years and so it was really mice to be asked to photograph her wedding. The day arrived clear and bright and I met Zoe at her family home getting ready.

We had a nice morning, capturing all the required photos before I set off for the main venue. This was the first time that I had shot a wedding at St Augustine’s Priory. It’s a lovely venue, ideal for small or medium size weddings. It’s got a great feeling about the place as the main indoor ceremony space feels quite church like without it actually being a church. This means that for couples looking for a civil ceremony you can still feel a bit more ‘traditional’ than at some other hotel venues for example. There is of course nothing wrong with a hotel wedding, there are plenty of great venues in Kent with some lovely spaces to get married in, but this venue strikes a happy balance between the two.


A surprise to Rob was that his best man had made sure that they wouldn’t be late to the wedding due to getting stuck in any traffic! It had been arranged for Rob to arrive at the venue via helicopter! This was a first for me but it was pretty cool to see the groom and his ushers arrive out of the sky.

After the ceremony Zoe and Rob left the wedding for a quick drive around in the vintage wedding car. It was at this point that the skies turned grey and it started to rain. Oh no! We hadn’t done the group photos yet. This was another first for me – rain at a wedding. We adapted and the venue staff removed all the chairs so that we could get the group photos taken indoors instead.

After the group photos were finished, we looked for a break in the clouds to get back outside and get some photos of Zoe and Rob together.


There were some memorable speeches delivered at this wedding and the guests were very entertained. After the speeches, we moved onto the cake cutting. Another variation on the theme here as well. There was no sponge cake, fruit cake or any other sort of cake here! What Zoe and Rob had was a mountain of cheese! It was a pretty spectacular display.


It all came together in the end and the inclement weather hadn’t spoiled the day. We even got outside in the evening to grab some more photos. Zoe and Rob had planned a great day with a few features in there that helped to make the day stand out for them and their guests.

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