Tarron & Lauren’s Wedding

The other week I had the pleasure of shooting Tarron and Lauren’s wedding. They had fantastic weather for the day held at Cooling Castle Barn, which is such a lovely Kent venue.20140606-LaurenTarronWedding-084 Lauren looked amazing from start to finish and made the day even brighter with her permanent smile. She was also a natural in front of the camera and so easy to photograph. 20140606-LaurenTarronWedding-341 The boys also had a great time posing with the loves of their lives – yes the Ford Escorts !!20140606-LaurenTarronWedding-243 Didn’t she look amazing! 20140606-LaurenTarronWedding-420 20140606-LaurenTarronWedding-484 Tarron had arranged for a super special surprise for his bride and presented Lauren with this car as a wedding gift.20140606-LaurenTarronWedding-622 There are so many great places to get photos at this venue, we really were spoilt for choice. Here are some of my favourites. . . 20140606-LaurenTarronWedding-746 20140606-LaurenTarronWedding-764 20140606-LaurenTarronWedding-779 20140606-LaurenTarronWedding-82220140606-LaurenTarronWedding-832 I had a great day at Tarron and Lauren’s wedding and they were great to work with. Everything went off as planned and I left the guests enjoying their evening after a long and exhausting day. I hope I get to return to Cooling Castle Barn to shoot another wedding in the future.

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